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DC Multiverse The Flash (Wally WEST -RED Suit) 7 Inch Figures

DC Multiverse The Flash (Wally WEST -RED Suit) 7 Inch Figures


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While visiting the lab of his uncle-to-be, Barry Allen, the young Wally West was caught in a freak electrochemical accident which gave him the superpowers of the Speed Force, the extra-dimensional energy that powers all speedsters. Wally then became The Flash’s protégé, Kid Flash, and eventually took on the mantle of The Flash after Barry sacrificed himself to save the universe in Crisis on Infinite Earths. But, in the years since, Wally found himself trapped out of time and space after another crisis-level event. In the end, Wally was able to break free of this nothingness and return home to become The Flash once again!

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