Q. What If I want to cancel the order will I get refund?

  • Yes, you will get the refund But before placing order please read the NOTE below.

NOTE : Once order is placed and if by any reason you would like to cancel it, we need to deduct 5% transaction fee. (If its not yet shipped). Once the order is shipped and if you are looking for cancellation, we will deduct 15% restocking fee plus shipping charges, rest will be refunded. 

Q. When will my order ship?

  • If your product is In-Stock it will ship within 1-2 business days, if it is under Pre-Order it will ship as soon as we receive it. ETA would be mentioned under description of all Pre-Order Items, Estimated arrival month or date is not Guaranteed as we are at the mercy of the manufacturers.
  • Please don't combine In-stock and Pre-Order together as have to wait for all items to be In-Stock and ship it all together.

Q. What should I do if I have placed a wrong Order?

  • If you have make a mistake and places a wrong order just Contact Us with the details and we will look into it.

Q. How will my items be packed?

  • We live on this beautiful planet just like you do! So, when we box up the items you order, we take care to not only pack them right, but to also use the most environmentally friendly packing materials possible.

Q. How do I contact Heretoserveyou?

Q. How can I best navigate through the thousands of products on the website?

  • The best way to find your product is to simply search at the top of the website in the search bar, you can also use the filter to filter out according to your needs.

    Q. What do I do if I have issues with my shipment, such as lost, damaged, or defective product?

    • All claims are handled through our claims process and any resolutions will be determined by the Claims Department. In most situations, replacements will be provided for approved claims unless items are no longer available. If replacements are unavailable, you will be issued a refund or credit. Heretoserveyou ships only new manufacturer case-packs and cartons that are inspected for quality prior to shipment. However, neither Heretoserveyou nor the manufacturers we distribute for have a mint condition guarantee. Claims for minor item packaging dents or scratches will not be accepted if the item is deemed sellable by our Claims department. Heretoserveyou will only review shipping damage claims submitted within 10 days of receipt by you or your designated consignee pertaining only to deliveries made by carriers we arranged delivering to ship-to addresses specified by us.

    Q. What do your stock statuses mean?

    • In Stock
      Order this item now! This item is currently in stock in our warehouse. If you order it today, we will send you an Order Confirmation e-mail. Note: Because multiple clients might order the same item at the same time, it is possible that an item shown as “In Stock” might sell out from the moment you order to the time we confirm its presence in our warehouse. Should this occur and the item no longer be available, we will notify you and create a refund for the same.
    • Pre-Order!
      Pre-order this item now! Although this item may arrive at any time, we expect the manufacturer to release it in the month and year listed next to the item (for example, October 2022). Please note that this date is subject to change at any time due to possible, and often likely, manufacturer delays. Therefore, after you order, please check your account for updated availability information. We ship on a first-come, first served basis, so your order will be processed and shipped in the order it was received.
    • Sold Out
      This item is sold out and no longer available to order. We do not expect any further shipments of this item and are keeping it on our website for informational purposes only.

    Q. Where can I find the newest products on your website?

    • From the Menu you will need to select All Products and you will see sort by option where you will need to select Date, New to Old. And you will get all the newly added items on the website.