DC Page Puncher Wave 5 - Superman, Brainiac, Earth-2 Superman & Ghost of Zod

DC Page Puncher Wave 5 - Superman, Brainiac, Earth-2 Superman & Ghost of Zod

Unleash the Power of DC with Page Punchers Wave 5 - Now Available for Pre-Order!


Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of DC Comics? If so, we have some thrilling news for you! Page Punchers Wave 5 action figures are now available for pre-order at www.heretoserveyou.ca. This latest wave features four iconic figures: Superman, Brainiac, Earth-2 Superman, and the Ghost of Zod, each accompanied by a captivating comic book.

DC Page Puncher wave 5 Superman Action Figrue

Superman The Man of Steel himself, Superman, is a must-have for any DC fan. With his iconic red and blue costume and powerful stance, this figure captures the essence of the beloved superhero. The included comic book is sure to transport you to the action-packed world of Metropolis.

DC Page Puncher wave 5 Brainiac Action figure

Brainiac One of Superman's most formidable foes, Brainiac, joins the Page Punchers lineup in Wave 5. This highly detailed figure showcases Brainiac's robotic features and comes with a gripping comic book that delves into the character's sinister schemes.

DC Page Puncher Earth-2 Superman Action Figure

Earth-2 Superman A unique addition to the collection, Earth-2 Superman offers a fresh take on the classic character. With a distinct costume and a compelling storyline in the accompanying comic book, this figure is sure to stand out in your collection.

DC Page Puncher wave 5 Ghost of Zod Action Figure

Ghost of Zod Rounding out the wave is the Ghost of Zod, a haunting figure that adds a touch of mystery to the collection. With its translucent design and eerie presence, this figure is a must-have for fans of the darker side of DC Comics.

Don't miss out on your chance to own these incredible figures! Visit www.heretoserveyou.ca to pre-order your Page Punchers Wave 5 action figures today.



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