Assemble Your Own Tom Hardy Bane: McFarlane's Dark Knight Trilogy Toy Collection is Here.

Assemble Your Own Tom Hardy Bane: McFarlane's Dark Knight Trilogy Toy Collection is Here.

McFarlane Toys has finally responded to fan demand and is delving into older DC movies with their highly anticipated Dark Knight Trilogy wave of figures. Announced at New York Comic Con, the wave has generated a lot of excitement among fans and collectors, and the wait is finally over with the release of the actual product images.

This offering allows fans to purchase four figures and collect the pieces to assemble the fifth figure, Tom Hardy's portrayal of Bane. The Dark Knight Trilogy wave promises to bring the Nolanverse back to life with highly detailed figures and a unique assembly process that will keep fans engaged and collecting.

McFarlane Toys Villian Two-Face Action Figure

McFarlane Toys has curated its lineup for the Dark Knight Trilogy wave of figures, offering fans a chance to relive the iconic moments from the trilogy. The choices are exactly what fans would expect, with the exception of the omission of Catwoman.

The Joker Action Figure from The Dark Knight Trilogy McFarlane Toys 

The Batman figure is designed with his iconic armor from The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, bringing a touch of realism to your collection. The Heath Ledger Joker figure will bring the evil clown prince of crime to life, while the Aaron Eckhart Two-Face figure will offer a unique twist to your collection. Lastly, the Scarecrow figure is a fully masked and straitjacketed version, capturing the essence of the character without relying on actor likeness.

McFarlane Toys Scarecrow Action Figure Toys from the dark Knight Trilogy Action Figure

This is not the first time these beloved characters from the Dark Knight Trilogy have been transformed into 7-inch figures. NECA previously created scaled-down versions of their 18-inch Ledger Joker and Begins Batman as 7-inch premiums, which were only sold with Blu-rays. These figures are highly sought after to this day and McFarlane Toys is aware of their popularity.

Just as Tom Hardy underwent intense physical training to bring the character of Bane to life, you can now assemble your own Bane figure by collecting the pieces included with each of the other four figures. Unfortunately, the muffled voice chip is not included in this offering. Nevertheless, this assembly process adds a unique and interactive element to your collection and brings the Nolanverse to life in a whole new way.

McFarlane Toys Tom Hardy bane Action Figure Build-A-Wave

Starting on February 16th, you can pre-order the highly anticipated build-a-Bane Dark Knight trilogy figures from McFarlane Toys at most of your favorite retailers. With the success of this wave, fans are hoping that McFarlane will continue to bring the magic of the Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher movies to life, Jack Nicholson's likeness fee notwithstanding.

Will you be joining the ranks of fans and collectors by clicking "Buy"? Let us know in the comments section!

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