Aquaman™ and Superman™ from the JLA BUILD-A WAVE

Aquaman™ and Superman™ from the JLA BUILD-A WAVE

Aquaman™ and Superman™ from the JLA BUILD-A WAVE - Pre-order Starts March 13th

Exciting news for fans and collectors! The highly anticipated JLA BUILD-A WAVE figures, featuring Aquaman™ and Superman™, are set to launch for pre-order on March 13th at Here's a sneak peek at these stunning collectibles.

Aquaman™ from the JLA BUILD-A WAVE

Aquaman™: King of the Seven Seas Aquaman™, the iconic ruler of Atlantis, is brought to life in stunning detail in this JLA BUILD-A WAVE release. With his classic orange and green costume and trademark trident, this figure embodies the strength and regality of the King of the Seven Seas. With multiple points of articulation, collectors can pose Aquaman™ in dynamic action poses, ready to defend his underwater kingdom or join his fellow Justice League members in battle.

Superman™ from the JLA BUILD-A WAVE

Superman™: The Man of Steel Superman™, the legendary Man of Steel, is another highlight of the JLA BUILD-A WAVE series. This figure captures the essence of Superman™ with his iconic blue and red costume, complete with the unmistakable S-shield emblem on his chest. With a sculpted cape and powerful physique, this figure is a must-have for any Superman™ fan or collector. Like Aquaman™, Superman™ features multiple points of articulation for dynamic posing options.

Pre-order Details Don't miss your chance to add these incredible figures to your collection! Pre-orders for Aquaman™ and Superman™ from the JLA BUILD-A WAVE series start on March 13th at These figures are sure to be in high demand, so be sure to secure yours early.

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements from as we continue to unveil new and exciting collectibles. Join the Justice League today and bring home these legendary heroes!

Superman™ from the JLA BUILD-A WAVE

Are you excited about the JLA BUILD-A WAVE figures? Which other Justice League members would you like to see join the wave? Share your thoughts and join the conversation!

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