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Star Wars The Black Series Boba Fett (Prototype Armor) Electronic Helmet

Star Wars The Black Series Boba Fett (Prototype Armor) Electronic Helmet

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Imagine striking fear into the galaxy like the formidable bounty hunter Boba Fett as a “Super Stormtrooper” in all-white armor! With realistic design and deco that is movie-inspired, collectors can relive iconic scenes from the Star Wars saga or display their ultimate collectible in their Star Wars collection! Press the button on the side of the helmet to activate the drop-down rangefinder with 2 flashing red LED lights, as well as a white LED-illuminated heads-up display (HUD), and imagine the thrill of being one of the deadliest bounty hunters in the galaxy!

With his customized Mandalorian armor, deadly weaponry, and silent demeanor, Boba Fett was one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy. But before he donned his now-familiar Mandalorian armor, this notorious bounty hunter was first envisioned as a “Super Stormtrooper” wearing all-white armor.

      • BOBA FETT (PROTOTYPE ARMOR): Boba Fett was initially envisioned as a "Super Stormtrooper" with a white look to his iconic Mandalorian armor.
      • PREMIUM ELECTRONIC HELMET: Featuring highly-detailed design and interior padding, adjustable fit, and electronic lights, this full-scale Boba Fett (Prototype Armor) helmet is an iconic addition to any Star Wars fan’s collection.
      • ILLUMINATED RANGEFINDER HEADS-UP DISPLAY (HUD): With the press of a button the rangefinder drops down, activating 2 red LEDs that flash in a “hunting” pattern as well as a white LED-illuminated heads-up display (HUD)
      • STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK 40TH ANNIVERSARY: Celebrate 40 years of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back with The Black Series Boba Fett (Prototype Armor) Premium Electronic Helmet
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